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–– 30-DAY FREE TRIAL –– IKYA Spiritual Gym (Yearly Subscription)

Prepay for a year of service and get two months for free – value NOK 600!

Train directly with the teachings of IKYA and get universal keys and training towards awakening and life mastery - for a whole year!


  • Dive deeper into the IKYA Teachings
  • Train to awaken for real through everyday life
  • Get continuity in your spiritual practice
  • Turn your life into an arena of spiritual competence and success!
  • Live and co-create your life from your true purpose
  • Become a part of a supporting community

We are living in a time of awakening, which causes a lot of turbulence and disruption.The traditional ways of being a human are dissolving, and we need a radically different approach to life and spirituality!

 Studying spiritual principles and exploring how they apply to our existence is at the core of what IKYA teaches. To play, explore, love and live your way out of suffering and limiting consciousness and into a concrete awareness of oneness.

We invite you to train, practise and explore through the teachings of IKYA at IKYA Spiritual Gym, and to apply them in your own way, to your own path.



Through the membership you get access to the online IKYA Spiritual Gym for 2 workouts per month from 19:00 - 20:30 CET- 20 online sessions per year, with breaks for holidays and summertime. The dates and times of workouts can change anytime with information posted here.


The moment you join, you get on-demand access to the entire library of IKYA Spiritual Gym content! Recordings of the workouts and the exercises.


Join our amazing community to connect with like-minded people. To share and support towards awakening, spiritual leadership, true healing and growth!