GinAndy's Crystal Cruise: Episode 4 - IKYA Mesh meets the crystals!

Season #1 Episode #4
Last days to sign up for IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 2!

Join Gina and Andy's journey through the landscapes of IKYA Aligned Gemstones and our experiences in living out the teachings of IKYA and the Gemstone Guardians! Episode 4 is in the quiet pause between the landscapes of crystals, where the IKYA Mesh Gathering descended gently upon us and assisted us in wrapping up our first phase of exploration (IKYA Aligned Crystal Healing - Collection 1) and preparing for the next phase, Collection 2.

It is a fun discussion of how IKYA as a teacher works with us, giving us an unending supply of tools of spiritual growth and how different tools and spaces can mingle with and support each other.  @IKYAtube


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